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Sodium lodid," "Sodium Salicylate," "Sodium Salicylate and Sodium lodid," "Sodium lodid" and "Mercuric Chlorid" marketed by the New York Intravenous Laboratory, Inc., are solutions of official substances sold under their official names. They would, therefore, be outside the scope of the Council, were it not that special and general therapeutic claims are made for them. Such special claims, for instance, are contained in an advertisement in the Illinois Medical Journal for Oct. 20, 1920, which gives, under the various drugs, a list of diseases in which the drugs are said to be "indicated." The Council is unable to agree with some of these recommendations. The fundamental objection, however, is the general claim of superiority and safety of the intravenous method. The intravenous solutions named above would naturally have little sale if such special claims were not made for them. While the claims may not be made directly, they are carried by such display phrases as "For the progressive physician seeking improved clinical results" and "A safe practical office technique." The Council continues to hold that intravenous medication, generally, is not as safe as oral medication even with relatively harmless substances (a fact Buy Paxil Cheap again illustrated by the results of Hanzlik and Karsner, 1920, Journal Pharma- cology and Experimental Therapeutics, 14, 379), and that it does not give "improved clinical results" except under Buy Paxil Cheap rather narrowly confined circumstances namely, if the drug undergoes decomposition in the alimentary tract, if it is not absorbed, if it causes serious direct local reaction or if time is an urgent element. Each Buy Paxil Cheap intravenous preparation for which advantage over oral admin- istration is claimed, directly or by implication, must be examined from these points of view. The Council has recognized intravenous preparations which satisfied these requirements. It is evident, however, that hexamethylenamin, sodium iodid and sodium salicylate do not. When given orally they do not undergo material decomposition in the digestive tract, they are rapidly absorbed, they cause no direct local reaction, and in the conditions in which they are used the hour 300 PROPAGANDA FOR REFORM or so which is required for absorption is immaterial, especially as they are used continuously for some time. Mercuric chlorid does indeed produce some local irritation, but there is as yet no convincing evidence that its intravenous injection causes less injury than oral administration. More experience under controlled conditions is needed before the intravenous use of mercuric chlorid can be approved. Especially objectionable are the fixed proportion mixtures of sodium iodid with sodium salicylate and with hexamethylenamin. The dosage of all three drugs has to be adapted to individual conditions. This is impossible when giving them in fixed proportions. The Council voted not to accept "Loeser's Intravenous Solution of Hexa- methylenamin," "Loeser's Intravenous Solution of Hexamethylenamin and Sodium Iodid," "Loeser's Intravenous Solution of Sodium Salicylate," "Loeser's Intravenous Solution of Salicylate and Iodid," "Loeser's Intravenous Solution Sodium Iodid" and "Loeser's Intravenous Solution of Buy Paxil Cheap Mercury Bichlorid" for New and Nonofncial Remedies because they Buy Paxil Cheap are sold under misleading claims regarding their alleged safety and efficiency. In view of this fundamental objection the individual claims for each preparation were not passed on. (From The Journal A, M. A., April 16, 1921.) "NATIONAL IODINE SOLUTION" NOT ADMITTED TO N. N. R. Report of the Council on Pharmacy and Chemistry The Council has authorized publication of Buy Paxil Cheap the following report. W. A. PUCKNER, Secretary. "National Iodine Solution" is a proprietary sold by the National Drug Co., Philadelphia, Pa. From inquiries received by the Council on Pharmacy and Chemistry it is evident that the product is extensively brought to the attention of physicians by means of circulars. The name implies that it is a solution of iodin and the inference is given that it has the advantages of iodin without the disadvantages. COMPOSITION In view of the foregoing, the Council took up the investigation of "National Iodine Solution," and in turn asked the A. M. A. Chemical Laboratory to analyze it. The chemist's report follows : According to the label of National Iodine Solution, "each fluidounce repre- sents three grains Proteo-albuminoid compound of iodin (National)"; also an alcohol declaration of 7 per cent, is made. Otherwise no information is given as to the composition either of the "solution" or of "Proteo-albuminoid compound of Iodine." Each bottle contained about 115 c.c. (nearly 4 ounces) of a yellowish solution, acid in reaction, having an odor resembling witch hazel; its specific gravity at 25 C. was 0.9860. Qualitative tests indicated the presence of zinc, alcohol, sulphate, an iodin compound (the solution gave tests which indicated a very small amount of free iodin; most of the iodin was in the form of ordinary iodid), a small amount of vegetable extractives, and traces of aluminum and potassium. If any protein was present, Buy Paxil Cheap it was in amounts too small to be identified, though a small amount of a nitrogenous compound was present. The amount Buy Paxil Cheap of solids in "National Iodine Solution" was equivalent to 0.72 per cent, and the amount of ash, to 0.2 per cent. Quantitative estimations yielded the following : Alcohol (by volume) 7.0 per cent. Zinc (Zn-n-) 0.096 per cent. Iodin (free and combined) 0.029 per cent. Sulphate (SO 4 ~) 0.146 per cent. Protein (N x 6.36) 0.012 per cent. COUNCIL REPORTS 301 The above findings Buy Paxil Cheap indicate that each 100 c.c. contains about 7 c.c. of alcohol, 0.5 gram of zinc sulphate U. S. P. (ZnSO4+7H,O.), 0.03 gram of iodin, 0.01 gram of protein (calculated as such from nitrogen times the factor 6.36) and some hamamelis water. Expressed in equivalent apothecary terms, each fluid- ounce contains essentially : Zinc sulphate 2j/$ grains Iodin (free and combined ) % grain Protein V&5 grain
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